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Why choose direct mail?

Because it works!

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to modern advertising.

Instead, stick with the one tried-and-true method that still far outpaces all other forms of advertising: Direct Mail.

Why it works

What was your open rate on your last email campaign? It probably wasn’t 90 percent, right?

But that’s what you get with direct mail, as the most recent statistics from Inkit says direct mail campaigns reach as high as 90 percent!

Our direct mail Mega Postcard will reach all the residents in your neighborhood.

Your ads will be seen – and read

Tired of seeing incoming phone calls marked as potential spam? Does your spam inbox routinely fill up with unwanted emails? Your customers don’t like that, either.

But with direct mail, 42 percent of recipients are going to read it or at least scan it, Forbes reports.

Translation: More people will see your business.

Incredible response rate

Print ads for magazines or newspapers can be pricy – even more so for radio or TV commercials. And an effective digital marketing campaign can take years to bear fruit.

None are as effective as direct mail.

The 42 percent response rate of direct mail is about five to nine times higher than any other advertising method.

More personal experience

Do you know why people don’t like spam? It’s because it’s not as personal as the coupon from your local pizza restaurant or from the advertisement for the plumber down the street.

In fact, Small business Trends says 70 percent of consumers feel direct mail is more personal than online interactions.